Only United In Name: Round-Up of Recent Doings

Richard Kreitner, author of the book Break It Up, gave ICI a shout-out in his recent newsletter:

A more insightful survey was conducted (also by YouGov) for the Independent California Institute, whose director, Coyote Marin, reached out to me after reading Break It Up. What I like about the ICI is that it’s less a pro-secession advocacy organization like the Texas Nationalist Movement or the discredited, Russia-aligned Yes California group and more a think tank devoted to studying the underlying issues of how the Golden State benefits and suffers from its membership in the Union and how those material advantages and disadvantages would change if it somehow was able to peacefully detach itself from the United States. According to the ICI poll, 58 percent of Californians believe they would personally be better off if California peacefully seceded from the Union. An even larger percentage, 68 percent, would like to see California become a more autonomous region within the existing Union.