The Independent Californian’s Voter Guide, Nov. 2020

It is more than fitting that this year’s election falls on November 3, California Independence Day, the day that, in 1836, the province of Alta California declared independence from Mexico.

While Californians can’t literally vote ourselves free from America (yet), this unique election gives us several opportunities to free California from Americanisms that are holding us back. From ending cash bail, to rejecting felon disenfranchisement, to rethinking affirmative action, this election gives California voters several opportunities to reject the “American way” in favor of what works in modern democracies.

So don’t despair that American “democracy” renders your vote for president entirely symbolic. In California, democracy is still as real as it gets, and your votes on laws and constitutional amendments can directly shape a better future for all Californians.

This year, California is mailing ballots to all California voters so we can safely vote during the pandemic. Once your ballot arrives, please celebrate Independence Day early by voting to help chart an independent course for California.

Our guide covers every statewide ballot proposition—click on the links to learn more!

Prop 14: YES

Launch our own damn satellite stem cell cures

Prop 15: YES

Make commercial property taxes fair

Prop 16: YES

Stop pretending America is “color blind”

Prop 17: YES

End felon disenfranchisement

Prop 18: no recommendation

Lower the voting age, a little?

Prop 19: YES

Fix residential property taxes

Prop 20: NO

Kind of a bad time for mandatory DNA collection

Prop 21: YES

Allow reasonable rent controls

Prop 22: NO

Don’t let corporations write their own labor laws

Prop 23: no recommendation

Approve new dialysis clinic regulations?

Prop 24: no recommendation

Mixed bag of privacy rules

Prop 25: YES

Abolish cash bail

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