Time for California to step up (Yes on Prop 1)

ICI urges state to stand up for civil rights

As the US Supreme Court becomes ever more scornful of individual rights, the residents of California are looking to the state to shield them from federal bullies. The Dobbs decision overturning abortion rights is only one in a lineup of assaults on civil liberties – and probably not the last one. Abortion rights, over-the-top gerrymandering, the right to unionize, rational gun regulation: already under attack. Probably next up: gay marriage, contraception, our environmental leadership.

Independent California Institute urges the state to protect our unique California values against the federal onslaught. As always, we eschew violence, but there are many ways to hold the line against the feds, from court challenges that delay implementation, to foot-dragging, to bluntly refusing to enforce federal mandates.

The protection of the state actions will make it possible for localities to refuse their cooperation as well.

Proposition 1, which appears on the November ballot, would amend the California constitution to protect abortion rights. In addition, seeing the handwriting on the wall, the legislature threw in a clause protecting contraception.

It’s a start.

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